Performing a comfortable birth is especially important for the physical and psychological comfort of the expectant mother. For a comfortable birth, first of all, a proper hospital and an obstetrician specialized in the field are required. Whether it is a normal birth or a cesarean delivery, these are the first important priorities. Usually, if there is no other condition, a normal birth is preferred by specialist doctors. This will be both more comfortable for the mother and will make the operation easier.

Why a Normal Birth?
The advantages of a normal birth are important in terms of controlling both maternal health and the baby’s health. In addition to the ease of the operation process, it is also quite easy for a normal postpartum mother to get up. If you need to list the advantages of a normal birth;
Because it is a customary natural method, you can feel the excitement of holding your baby in your hands as soon as your baby comes into the world in a normal birth, you can hear his voice. This will also make you happier.
The risk of respiratory distress in babies born with a normal birth is almost zero. This is because the baby excretes amniotic fluid in the lungs due to the pressure it undergoes when passing through the birth canal. In this way, he does not experience any breathing difficulties.
It has been observed that babies born with a normal birth have more competencies such as breast suction, breast massage.
The happiness hormone detected in the baby’s cord blood, which prepares the baby for the external environment, is secreted during normal childbirth. This will also be very useful in establishing the hormonal balance of the baby.
Ensuring maternal contact with babies born with normal is also important in terms of connecting the baby to the mother.
Cesarean delivery is a more painful process than a normal birth. For this reason, if there is no abnormal condition in the mother or baby, specialist doctors generally recommend a normal birth.
In What Cases is Cesarean Delivery?
Cesarean delivery is planned during pregnancy, when the baby is 38 weeks old. At this point, the importance of the hospital and the specialist doctor is revealed again. The specialist observes this planned process and makes decisions according to it. So, according to what is the decision to have a cesarean birth made?

In case the baby is large and the exit of the pelvis is narrow.
Experiencing problems with heartbeats during labor pains. A state of neglect of the baby’s blood flow, which can lead to death.
Despite regular pains, if the cervix does not open and the baby is not moving downwards, a caesarean section is preferable.
If there are situations in which pushing the mother may pose a risk, cesarean delivery may be preferred.
The inappropriateness of the baby’s lying position. In cases where the baby is standing on its side in the uterus, the water sac is opened and the cord is sagging, cesarean delivery may be required again.
The structure called the placenta that feeds the child may also require a cesarean delivery to close the cervix or prematurely separate the placenta from the uterine wall.
Are There Any Advantages of Cesarean Delivery?
Although doctors recommend a normal birth instead of a cesarean section, cesarean delivery also has its own advantages. These are; the absence of labor pains, the low rate of distress of the baby, the fact that the birth was performed when sleeping and waking up because it was performed with general anesthesia, and the fact that the baby was seen next to the mother are important advantages. However, if spinal anesthesia is performed, the baby is reunited with his mother a few minutes after birth.

Expert Staff Is Important
A high-quality and expert team is important for a healthy birth process. From the first moment of pregnancy, the expectant mother should be guided in a healthy way and controls should be carried out in a healthy way during this process. Special attention is required from the beginning of pregnancy to after childbirth within the body of obstetricians and professional team specialized in their field. Private Meltem Hospital is with expectant mothers at all stages from the beginning of pregnancy to after childbirth with its specialist staff. Childbirth is very important for expectant mothers and is one of the happiest moments in their lives. For this reason, working with a specialist team in this important process is very important for both baby and maternal health. Experience the difference between the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department and the Private Meltem Hospital, take your baby on your lap with health.