The birth process, which every expectant mother wants to fully taste from beginning to end, creates a special intensity of emotion in mothers. Mothers who feel that their baby is growing up with each passing week, on the one hand, carry the moment of birth and the fear of their pains inside them.

For a woman without a description of labor pains, they are the most severe pains they have experienced in their lives. It is difficult to predict how much pain an expectant mother will feel before childbirth.

The following factors are the main factors that affect the increase or decrease of normal labor pains.

Baby size,
The baby’s position
The width of the pelvis
The power of contractions
Pain threshold
How is an Epudural Normal Birth Performed?
When the labor pains, which signal that the birth is approaching, begin to warn the mother, the minutes of being alert to go to the hospital begin. When the expectant mother arrives at our hospital, the birth canal is checked. When the canal width is 4 cm, the mother is now taken to the delivery room. Serum is inserted into the expectant mother from the arm and blood pressure status is checked. In addition, the pulse and fingertip oxygen status are monitored.

The expectant mother takes the anesthesia position as shown above before the epidural is normal. By applying an antiseptic to the back and waist area by your doctor, the area is cleaned of germs. The sterilized area is covered and the area where the epidural anesthesia needle will enter is numbed. Then a thin catheter (probe) is inserted into the area with a special needle. After the drugs given through this probe, the pains are ensured to end.

The most important among the advantages of epidural anesthesia is that the contractions are not stopped despite the Decongestion of the area. During childbirth, anesthesia control is also provided to reduce pain by providing anesthesia, and the princess gives birth.

“Epidural anesthesia is an approach that allows both vaginal and cesarean births to pass extremely comfortably and has a place in modern medicine for 25 years.”

What are the Prices?
It is inconvenient for health institutions to provide written information about procedures and surgeries. For this reason, you can get information from our specialists on the subject from the numbers below to get information and prices about all the procedures performed in our hospital. For information about epidural delivery fees and the process, you can contact us via our 0507 242 81 81 (WhatsApp) contact numbers.

Those Who Give Birth Painlessly with Epudural…
“… Throughout my pregnancy, I was experiencing completely different intensities of feeling with the emotions my baby was giving. I can’t stop thinking about what will happen in the delivery room in the last days of my pregnancy, this situation often affected my psychology. My wife and I insisted on a normal birth, but as time progressed, my fears of labor pains began to increase. While researching a normal birth with epidural anesthesia, I left my number to get information about epidural birth from the website to the specialists of the Private Meltem Hospital. We came to the hospital and decided to have an epidural normal birth with what my doctor told me after the examination. When the birthday came, we met with our doctor again and the procedures started in the delivery room. From the moment the epidural was performed, a real very comfortable and stress-free birth took place. Now I recommend it to everyone…”

I am Considering an Epidural Birth, But I Have Doubts
A healthy birth is, of course, the right of all expectant mothers. However, mothers who want to experience the advantages of a normal birth can call us for information about epidural anesthesia, you can send your questions. For quick communication, you can contact our experts on 0507 242 81 81. If you wish, fill out the problem form immediately on the left side. Let our experts give detailed information by returning to you from our contact numbers that you will leave.

Side Effects and Possible Complications
Specialist anesthesiologists take precautions to control all possible side effects during the epidural procedure. However, although rare, some complications may occur in the patient.

Low blood pressure,
Mild respiratory problems,
such complications are the same as in all procedures performed in an operating room. Short-term lower back pain, headache, mild allergic and redness of the skin after the procedure, temporary difficulties in urination are among the possible complications. Dec.

Who Can not Benefit from Epidural Anesthesia
Patients with bleeding disorders (Detected in advance)
Those who receive anti-clotting treatment
Patients with burns or infections at the application site
Cases when the patient refuses to apply
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