Endoscopic sinus surgery is a surgical method that is used in the surgery of chronic sinusitis that does not respond to medical treatments and has become very popular in recent years. High-tech telescopes, camera systems and appropriate surgical instruments allow us to perform surgery in areas of the nose that we cannot normally see with the naked eye.

The Fastest Solution with Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
In this way, the blockages and diseased tissues at the junction points in the nose, where the bone cavities we call sinuses are opened, are cleared and the sinuses are drained and ventilated in a healthy manner. Polyps in the nose and some tumoral diseases can also be treated with endoscopic technique.

Generally, it is a surgery in which bleeding is very low and in certain cases, it is not even necessary to use a nasal tampon.

7-10 days after the operation. Between days, the patient’s nose is cleaned with an endoscope, and the crusts formed in the nose after the surgery are reduced with nasal washing solutions.