Cervical and uterine cancer, ovarian cysts and ovarian cancers, fibroids, endometriosis…

Experts emphasize that early diagnosis is very important for women as a result of every research. They draw attention to the importance of women not neglecting their routine checks and doing their tests completely. However, many women are afraid of this expert suggestion, which is extremely important for our lives, either because of our fears or because we neglect it by getting caught up in the rush of life. However, early diagnosis for women and starting treatment as soon as possible today makes it possible to treat cervical cancer, uterine cancer, as well as diseases that lead to death, such as ovarian cancer, while on the other hand preventing the occurrence of cervical cancer.

Regular Gynecological Examination is a Must
A regular gynecological examination is very important in 2 cases. The first situation is that it allows you to quickly treat a disease that has not yet caused you to make any complaints, its progression has not yet begun, but it continues its course, by noticing it at an early stage. The second situation is that it allows the risk factors of diseases that will be caused by wrong habits that do not comply with the requirements of a healthy life or diseases that are likely to occur to be noticed and changed.

What is being done during the Examination?

Thanks to a routine examination, it is possible to prevent diseases such as infections, menstrual irregularities, advanced ovarian cysts that require intervention, and uterine prolapse, the treatment of which is possible with medications. In addition, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer, which are extremely important for your life, benefit from early diagnosis of uterine cancer diseases.

When should the examinations be done?

In order to experience the gynecological examination process in a regular way, modern-day women assume that the first obstetric examination should be performed when girls reach the age of 13-15. Every woman who has reached the adult period should have a gynecological examination and an ultrasound examination scan at least once a year.

Cervical Cancer Screening Test
In most of the world, approximately 500 thousand women are diagnosed with cervical cancer by the Human Papilloma Virus every year. Even worse, more than half of these women lose their lives due to not being diagnosed at the right time. 2 Among the types of cancer that women experience. Dec. cervical cancer affects 1500 women every year within the borders of our country. However, thanks to the Pap Smear Test, which is prescribed to be performed regularly every year, it has been shown that findings related to cervical cancer can be reached and even the disease can be caught during the pre-cancerous process. At the same time, US scientists, who continue to conduct research to protect against this disease, have signed a different screening method. The name of the new scanning method is “Scanning with Light”. The newly developed screening method has the ability to provide results quickly, without the need for a pathological examination for women.

What is being done For Cervical Cancer?

There are two functions for screening tests for this cancer; the first function is to detect cellular movements suspected of causing cancer. The second function is to ensure that if there is a formation of cervical cancer, the disease is diagnosed at as early a stage as possible. During the Pap Smear test, which is used for cancer screening purposes, a fluid sample, that is, a swab, is taken from the cervical region with the help of a special garbage such as a brush. Then the sample is sent to the pathology laboratory, and then the results are taken between 2-7 days Dec.

The “Light Scanning” system shows that when a woman lies down on the table, the cervical region should be looked at with the help of a lighted device and quickly shows whether there are any problems in this area. The device is connected to a screen and the scan result on this screen is defined as low, medium or high risk. If the result is high, a piece is taken from the cervix and sent for examination.

When should I have a Cervical Cancer Test?

Screening tests, in general, according to experts, should be started 1 year after sexual intercourse or from the age of 21. The routine of the test should be between 1 and 3 years. Dec. the testing routine should continue until the age of 70. A Pap Smear test should definitely and definitely be performed in a period where there is no vaginal bleeding or discharge. It is extremely important to get better results by waiting for 3 days to pass after the menstrual period and sexual intercourse.

Go to the Doctor When You Notice Symptoms
Apart from the gynecological examination, which is considered appropriate to be performed every year, which is recommended to be performed routinely, women should consult their gynecologist in cases where there is a high probability of having symptoms of these diseases. Although not every symptom means that you have one of these diseases, some symptoms are such that women need to be examined quickly.

If you encounter any of the symptoms listed below at any time, do not neglect to consult a doctor.

Discharge and groin pains
The occurrence of pain during intercourse and a burning sensation.
Menstruation in a painful way
Menstrual periods with excessive bleeding and noticeable swelling of the uterus
Bleeding after intercourse foul smelling discharge
Bleeding after menopause
A feeling of swelling felt in the abdomen
If you have such complaints, it is possible to get a healthy diagnosis about your condition by contacting the Private Meltem Hospital, our Obstetricians.