In this unit, where pediatricians and neonatal intensive care nurses work 24 hours a day; Life support is provided to newborn babies with problems with special devices such as special incubators, breathing apparatus (ventilator), open beds, milking device, monitor, blood gas, infusion pump, phototherapy device. There is also a mobile incubator unit that can be placed in the ambulance for baby transfers.

Newborn period and its importance
It is the right of all newborn babies to start life with a healthy breath. Some babies cannot have such a chance due to country conditions or special conditions. According to statistics in our country, half of the child deaths are newborn deaths.

In this regard, this period, which covers the first 28 days of the baby’s birth and is called the newborn period, is of great importance for babies born at risk to continue their lives. This is only possible with special care. In our hospital, this special care that babies need is provided in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

It is very important to be under the supervision of a doctor before and after birth, for both the mother’s health and the baby’s health.

Our unit has all the necessary laboratory support;
Care of babies with respiratory problems,

Care of babies born from risky pregnancies (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, blood incompatibility or pregnancy poisoning),

Follow-up treatment of babies who were deprived of oxygen (asphyxia) at birth,

Applying lung enhancing substance (surfactant) to babies whose lungs are not yet mature, with the support of a respirator,

Follow-up and treatment of infected babies,

Follow-up and treatment of babies of older or very young mothers,

Phototherapy/monitoring and exchange transfusion of jaundiced babies

Diseases such as are treated in this department.