Cardiology is the branch of science that studies heart and circulatory system diseases. While cardiology was previously a sub-branch of internal medicine, today it operates as a separate department. The knowledge accumulated through research and developing new technologies have enabled major developments in the field of cardiology and the emergence of sub-branches, as in other research and/or applied sciences. Cardiology has progressed beyond expectations in the last 30-40 years, and these developments continue to increase. With these developments, some sub-branches within cardiology are as follows:

Interventional cardiology
cardiac electrophysiology
Of course, the emergence of sub-branches and the work of doctors and researchers who specialize in them also enable the development of new diagnosis and treatment methods.

Among the diseases that the science of cardiology works to diagnose and treat, there are some diseases that are among the most important health problems of today. A few of these diseases can be listed as follows:

Atherosclerotic heart diseases (such as coronary artery disease)
Heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias)
Congenital heart diseases
High blood pressure, which is also of interest to branches such as nephrology and endocrinology, heart failure due to various diseases, heart valve diseases that develop congenitally or due to various diseases, and many other diseases are among the diseases that cardiology deals with for diagnosis and treatment.

Some of the diagnostic tools used by our hospital’s Cardiology unit are:

Electrocardiography (ECG) and related diagnostic methods:
Cardiac stress test (also known as “exertion test” or “exertion ECG”)
Portable ECG device (also known as “Holter monitor”)
Levels of heart enzymes in the blood
Coronary angiography
Patients whose general condition has improved and whose life-threatening situation has disappeared are taken to general services to continue their examination and treatment. Nowadays, in line with the increasing needs, professional hospitals in the field of Cardiovascular Diseases are being established.