Everything you need to know about the hair vaccine, whose benefits have been turned into science fiction scenarios (the technique used for the severed organs of American soldiers, etc.), has emerged in publicity, is included in this article.

What is Hair Vaccination?
Hair vaccination is a technique of injecting under the skin combinations of vitamins and minerals that support hair growth and extension. It can be applied especially in hair transplantation operations to support adhesion after transplanting the hair follicles taken from the donor area to the balding area. Although this procedure, which is presented as a state-of-the-art application, is used with the term grafted hair transplantation, there are no major differences in terms of its effects between PRP-assisted hair transplantation.

Does it grow hair?
Providing accurate information to patients who want to regain their lost hair about the benefits of the procedure should be the primary goal of professional healthcare institutions. Coming to the answer to the question, hair grafting, like PRP hair treatment, is used primarily to stop the patient’s ongoing hair loss. Apart from this, it is a medical application that helps weak hair follicles to revive and take an active role again. It is the internal provision of vitamins and minerals that a healthy hair follicle needs.

How To?
The hair vaccine obtained by mixing it with PRP content is applied subcutaneously by injection in approximately 60 minutes. It is done only once in terms of number of sessions. First, local anesthesia is applied to the area where the vaccine will be applied.

Who is it done for?
People experiencing hair loss
Those who have weak and weak hair strands
People with alopecia areata
For people who want to take precautions against spillage in advance
Hair grafting can be used in male and female patients, as in PRP and hair mesotherapy. In such problems, early diagnosis and diagnosis are very important in preventing progression. In cases of hair loss that has progressed beyond the palm of the hand on the top of the head, there is no treatment that will naturally cover the baldness, other than hair transplantation.

When do people who have hair vaccination see the effects?
3-4 months after the vaccination, a visible decrease in hair loss occurs. With the psychological effect of this situation, the permanent effect of the treatment may last longer. However, hair vaccination does not have a permanent effect on hair loss. PRP hair treatment is the most recommended treatment by patient comments and dermatology experts to strengthen hair and minimize hair loss.

Fue Hair Transplantation is the Only Solution to Baldness

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What are the prices?
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