With the development of medicine and technology, intensive care units have developed to serve risky patients after surgery, to provide life support in life-threatening diseases with many internal and surgical problems.

Length of stay in intensive care units varies depending on the patient and the disease. Sometimes this process may take 1 day, sometimes it may require a patient treatment plan for months.

Patients in need of intensive care in our hospital; We have a consultant physician staff in our intensive care unit, which can provide uninterrupted service with Specialist Doctors, experienced nurses and staff 24 hours a day. In addition, bedside ultrasound support provided by the Department of Radiology has an important place in the treatment of intensive care patients. Regular technical maintenance of the vehicles used in intensive care is carried out by our technical team.

Our Intensive Care Unit;

Patients who need postoperative (post-surgery) respiratory support,
Poisonings, patients in shock,
Lung diseases with respiratory failure,
Patients with heart failure,
Patients with general body trauma,
Diabetic comas, muscle diseases etc. It provides services to patients who require all kinds of life support such as, patients who need surgical intensive care after surgery or accident, patients who need coronary intensive care after neurological and cardiac infarction, and is fully equipped and equipped with modern technological devices.

Within our unit;

4 adult intensive care beds,
Bedside ventilator (artificial breathing devices)
bedside monitors,
infusion pumps,
feeding pumps,
Portable x-ray device,
We have devices such as blood gas devices and central oxygen systems.
Each of the private intensive care beds in our unit has a separate monitor, central oxygen, aspiration and ventilation and a defibrillator if needed, and complicated patients are also admitted to our hospital from other centers.

Our team, together with intensive care nurses and staff 24 hours a day, has the knowledge, experience and technical equipment to intervene in all kinds of emergency situations such as coma, shock, post-operative care.